How to be beautiful

How to be beautiful

The concept of beauty changes every decade, and every time of the woman aim to change in themselves what does not approach under norm. Cosmetics, clothes and accessories often only hide natural beauty. But what means to be really beautiful?


  1. Fall in love with yourself. Not new, but one council from those which really works. The diffident, diffident woman thinking only of the shortcomings is always noticeable from far away. Do not enter war with own body - it will not lead to anything good. Accept yourself and the appearance, and your life will become much simpler, both for you, and for people around.
  2. Personal care - the most important condition of beauty. The beautiful woman - not that, on which cosmetics tons, and that which is able to watch itself and cares for the body. Give yourself at least hour a day. Use the moistening means both for the person, and for body, it needs care too. Bathtubs with salts and oils, masks and srubs - surround yourself with pleasant trifles for leaving and soon you estimate this time spent alone with itself and the body on advantage. Such moments will help to relax, forget about troubles and to present to the appearance true beauty.
  3. Physical activity, dream, food - three components without which beauty of the woman is inconceivable. Fatigue and wrong food is always reflected in body and work of internals, so, and your appearance. Give to the body at least 8 hours of dream a day, eat what you prepare, using fresh and useful product, do not forget about vegetables and fruit. And, of course, be physically active. Whether there will be it jog, fitness or walks in the evenings - to solve to you. The main thing is not to give to muscles to wither and become flabby. Your efforts will not be in vain. Everything that occurs in organism, affects appearance. You will notice changes to the best as soon as you begin to build the routine of daily and food correctly.
  4. Good mood and goodwill - guarantee of your charm without which any beauty will not be estimated. Angry and sad people push away, over time get characteristic wrinkles, and, perhaps, and diseases. You treat the world more simply and more benevolently, and he will answer you with the same. Smile - the best make-up.
  5. Select clothes and accessories, being guided only by your taste and type of figure, but not standards from screens in any way. Remember that blind following to fashion - the enemy of any woman.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team