How to be beautiful from the beginning of winter

How to be beautiful from the beginning of winter

winter is severe and ruthless time for face skin, hands and for hair. During this period there can be problems with which it will be difficult to cope. Temperature differences, frosty wind have an adverse effect on color, elasticity and softness of skin, health of hair. To avoid undesirable consequences, it is necessary to be prepared correctly for severe conditions and to look after and care for the beauty during winter.

It is required to you

  • - flowers of sage or camomile;
  • - milk;
  • - olive oil;
  • - castoric it is not enough;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - camomile infusion;
  • - dogrose infusion;
  • - licorice infusion.


  1. Just before the beginning of the winter period visit beauty shop. Make the deep cleaning peeling. Thanks to chemically active agents this procedure allows to remove the died-off skin cells and to clean pores. As a result your skin will find elasticity, the complexion will improve, pigmental spots and wrinkles will disappear.
  2. Use moisturizing masks. For example, take 2 tablespoons of flowers of sage or camomile, fill in 150 g of the boiling milk. Insist about 30 minutes. Apply thick of flowers to previously cleaned skin. In 15 minutes wash away warm water or wipe with cotton tampon.
  3. Regularly grease face skin with olive, castor or vegetable oil, use the softening honey masks.
  4. Use services of massage therapists for maintenance of tone of skin. Massage improves blood circulation, promotes skin saturation by oxygen, relaxes facial muscles, smoothes wrinkles.
  5. Update your make-up bag, every season requires certain set of cosmetics. Will be useful for the winter period moistening cream for day application and night recovery of skin. For protection of lips use special nutritious balms.
  6. For calm and softening of skin after frosty winds wash camomile, dogrose or licorice infusions.
  7. Procedures of the Japanese manicure which include natural recovery of nails and skin of hands by means of natural substances and medicines, medical massage and Spa will be ideal for skin of hands.
  8. Protect your hair from frost. Buy the special shampoos and conditioners intended for restoration and care for the injured hair. Use various nutritious masks: barmy, honey, oil.
  9. You carry headdresses and wide scarfs. For protection of skin of hands use gloves or mittens. Whenever possible protect the skin from sharp temperature differences: you should not stay long time on frost.

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