How to be beautiful if you are teenager

How to be beautiful if you are teenager

young girls have set of advantages - freshness and elasticity of skin, brightness of paints of the person, gloss of eyes. However teenagers have also shortcomings which should be hidden. To disguise traces from pimples, correctly picked up cosmetics will help to remove excessive gloss from skin. The beautiful image will be finished by stylish hairstyle and correctly picked up dress.


  1. Teenage age - great time for experiments with cosmetics. You can try various shades and textures, choosing the most suitable. However too dense and heavy make-up should be avoided. Refuse foundations in favor of proofreaders and the matting powder. With their help it is possible to disguise pimples and to eliminate greasy luster of skin.
  2. Not to draw attention to briquettes, avoid bright lipsticks. Use light fruit gloss, they soften lips, giving them subtle shade. Instead of dark friable blush try pink, coral or reddish gel, it is easily distributed on skin, creating effect of natural flush.
  3. Pay attention to eyes. Try fashionable bright eyeliners and shadows and also effective color ink. It is not obligatory to select means in color of eyes - it is possible to be guided by dress shade.
  4. Make simple multipurpose hairstyle - on its basis easy to invent new hairstyles. Try various staylingovy means - sprays, wax, gels and mousses. If you do not accept shade of hair, use the tinting conditioner - time for resistant dyes has not come yet. Refuse difficult laying and waves, they look is too elaborate. But to you the various hairstyles on the basis of braids complemented with stylish jewelry for hair and tapes will go.
  5. Pick up the correct clothes. Things of sports style - jeans, various knitwear, plain jackets are especially relevant for teenagers. This basic set can be added with tops, blouses and skirts in romantic or vanguard style. Do not forget about footwear and accessories. Your choice - flats, comfortable boots and sneakers, they is much more fashionable and more convenient than high heels and platforms. Instead of ladies' clutches pick up convenient backpacks and volume bags with prints.
  6. Be not afraid of bright colors - at teenage age it is worth choosing unusual combinations. Refuse gloomy shades and also abundance of spangles, they will only emphasize your too early age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team