How to be beautiful in 60 years

How to be beautiful in 60 years

youth figure 60 frightens, "bearers" of this age seem old women. In process of own growing "aging threshold" everything is removed. Getting closer to "age of elegance", many with hope glance towards celebrities - film stars, show business, policy, trying to find out the mysteries of their youth.


  1. In the last decades the secrets of public people began to open quicker, than their safes from touches of skillful computer "bear-hunters". Long ago not secret that the Soviet superstar Lyubov Orlova has been obliged by "eternal youth" to skill of the familiar plastic surgeon. Some of her modern successors do not hide too that they trust themselves to these wonderful doctors. For example, Elena Proklova, Lyudmila Gurchenko publicly admitted more than once that they in panic are afraid of old age. Also are ready for any medical experiments to prolong "middle-aged" charm for the longest term.
  2. And how to be that at whom it is banal there are no funds for surgeries, Botox injections, popular dietary supplements, prestigious fitness clubs and foreign cosmetics premium and top-class? To remember wise proverb: "All that glitters is not gold", in other words, not all that effective (and useful!) that is persistently advertized is very expensively imposed.
  3. If to continue parallels with recognizable faces, that is and other examples, say, Elina Bystritskaya whom it is very far for 60. And what to become, charm chasm at minimum of make-up and total absence of surgery! This row can be continued many other images and around ourselves we see similar women from various social groups. Someone assures that he does not make any efforts, everything is done by the nature, genetics. Part of the truth in it is, but not all. After all beauty — most often business man-made.
  4. When behind climax "transition period", hormonal swirling has already ceased as it is paradoxical, time of finding of harmony with itself, with the world comes. Already more simply "to include brain" in the relations, especially, with the stronger sex. And desire to be pleasant does not vanish. And it is feasible if only not to lower hand, not to lose interest in life.
  5. Often women begin to work on themselves from finding of symmetry. Also go into extremes, grabbing strict diets. Result: nervous breakdowns and return with such work of the expelled kilograms. You should not assimilate to glamourous beau monde and to experiment with fashionable diets. Especially as any local therapist or the rural paramedic will make exactly the same recommendations about healthy food, as dear VIP-nutritionist. Following them, it is simple to correct figure carefully, without stresses. And skin will not begin to hang down, as on Shar-Pei.
  6. The shortage of estrogen in organism during this period can be replaced with either special phyto-medicines or such simple products as cherry, ginger, soy, licorice. It is a lot of them in raspberry, not for nothing enterprising Japanese use each meter of the free area, sowing with raspberry even roofs of skyscrapers. This berry — smart source of the vitamins of youth toning skin, strengthening vessels.
  7. As for beauty of skin and hair, there are dozens of very simple grass collecting, inexpensive, but effective lotions, and care for them does not demand special time. The accuracy in clothes, hairstyle is not necessary kopeks, and adds many "bonuses". You should not forget that smoking solidly ages the woman, not to mention alcoholic excesses.
  8. And here feasible physical activities always on advantage. It is not obligatory to run in fitness club or to rise on rollers, it is enough to walk, play more often with grandsons, houses to do physical exercises to the sound of music. Or register in dancing circle, at the same time and solve problem of communication.
  9. To do favorite thing — one more excellent chance to lift self-assessment, to feel necessary, demanded. So, and beautiful. Very much ages and spoils eternal grumbling, grumble, complaints to life. With such baggage and in 30 years it is simple to grow old. And optimism gives charm.
  10. If at the same time also the intelligence is not lost — chances to be irresistible remain at any age. And it is even better — fall in love, it is most powerful motivation to become better!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team