How to be beautiful pregnant woman

How to be beautiful pregnant woman

birth of the child is significant event, for each family. But many girls are afraid that in interesting situation will look not in the best way. Of course, the organism of future mother reconstructs that not always easily occurs, but how she will look and feel, in most cases depends only on her.


  1. During pregnancy try to do the same what have got used to: to work, have a rest, dance, to visit, communicate with friends, etc., your situation not disease with which it is necessary to rush. Though, of course, physical activities have to be moderate.
  2. Walk in the fresh air more often; if you live in the city, dusty, far from requirements of ecology, try to get out to the nature sometimes.
  3. Choose for yourself suitable clothes – free and convenient, but surely beautiful, bright. Decorate yourself!
  4. Pay special attention to care for skin of face and body. It is very good to use various lotions and creams, but only without dietary supplements or those substances which influence hormonal background.
  5. Try to use vegetables and fruit more. It, undoubtedly, will well affect also your health, and appearance.
  6. As a result of preparation of organism for the child's birth you can have separate troubles against which it is necessary to fight – and you will be irresistible. Pigmental spots testify to lack of vitamin C. Enter into the diet products with their contents; as bleaching cream use acid milk. If you are disturbed by eels – use less sweets and fats of animal origin and eat more products containing group B vitamins. Skin is shelled – fill up organism with vitamin A. After each washing grease face with the softening or moisturizing cream – only without preservatives. Cellulitis – the certificate of delay in your organism of liquid. Creams with vitamin E can help (not hormonal!) and massage.
  7. Extensions on stomach, breast or legs show that you have insufficiently elastic skin or there is excess weight. Eat less farinaceous food and sweet and you apply to skin special means against extensions.
  8. To remove stress in legs and not to allow varicosity that often occurs at pregnant women, use contrast leg baths, put on special compression tights.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team