How to be beautiful without make-up

How to be beautiful without make-up

Beauty goes from within. To look attractive, it is necessary to love and indulge himself. But not to put ton of cosmetics on face, trying to hide imaginary shortcomings. Those women who have learned this simple secret have the mass of admirers and morning hours spend for dream, but do not turn in front of the mirror.

It is required to you

  • - orthopedic mattress and pillow;
  • - skin care products of the person.


  1. Eat properly. If you do not overload the organism with junk food, then will begin to feel better soon. And after a while you will improve complexion and condition of skin. Try to refuse fat, fried dishes. Replace products, heavy for stomach. Instead of pork eat fast beef, chicken, turkey. Instead of sugar use its substitute. Prepare not on butter, and on corn, linen or olive.
  2. Drink in day at least 2 liters of water and green tea. They help to improve exchange processes in organism. Try to refuse coffee, various power engineering specialists and black tea. They can spoil skin color. Do not drink liquid before going to bed, otherwise since morning on face you can have puffiness.
  3. You sleep at the night of at least 7 hours. Then since morning you will have fresh and well rested look. And no cosmetics will be required to you. For dream select orthopedic mattress and pillow. And it is better to take cover not really warm blanket.
  4. Refuse addictions. Alcohol and cigarettes worsen complexion, create problems with internals. On holidays be limited to one-two glasses of wine.
  5. Care for face skin. It is insufficiently simple to apply cream for the night. That for the morning to look attractive, it is necessary to clean and nourish skin correctly. Do not use usual soap for washing, it dries skin. Try to remove make-up special cream or lotions. Regularly use srubs, cream and face pack.
  6. Lead active lifestyle. Surely play sports, dances, aerobics or yoga. It will help to get rid of excess weight, will give tone to muscles and will present good mood for long time.
  7. Fall in love with yourself. Every time, looking in mirror, smile to yourself. Regularly you carry out auto-trainings. Those people who trust in it are beautiful. Convince yourself that you are beautiful also without cosmetics. And after a while also the people surrounding you will consider so.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team