How to be clarified by peroxide

How to be clarified by peroxide

Sometimes the nature awards women at all not with that hair color which they would like to see. Light curls were fashionable at all times. Nothing has changed and today — the hair golden and shining want to make huge number of women. Fortunately, methods which help to clarify head of hear pretty fast and practically without consequences are known to modern hairdressers.

It is required to you

  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - liquid soap;
  • - liquid ammonia (or ammonium bicarbonate).


  1. Hydrogen peroxide solution is for this purpose used. In most cases its concentration makes 8–12%. Each hairdresser uses the technique, but there is number of recommendations which will help you to clarify hair independently. The first that should be remembered — hair before painting have to be covered with natural fat. If you have planned clarification, then do not wash the head at least 3 days before the procedure.
  2. Further it is necessary to prepare solution. Peroxide of hydrogen cannot clarify hair as reaction of its disintegration goes too slowly. For this reason it is necessary to add to solution also stimulator of reaction. Liquid ammonia can be it, but in most cases use ammonium bicarbonate as it gives natural shade and is less dangerous to structure of hair. About one drop of stimulator has to fall on each milliliter of peroxide. Also add liquid soap to mix.
  3. For a start carry out the test for reaction of organism. For this purpose apply mix to skin behind ear and wait two minutes. If everything is normal, then mix it is possible to process also hair.
  4. Remember that it is impossible to clarify hair if before it you used paint with the content of metals. They considerably accelerate reaction, temperature of hair strongly rises up to ignition. For this reason before putting solution check its action on one small lock. If everything is normal, then can apply clarifier on all other mass of hair.
  5. Now carefully comb hair and begin to apply with special brush or cotton tampon liquid on hair, since roots. Mix you hold so much time how many it is necessary for achievement of the required hair color on hair.
  6. Wash away means from hair by means of not alkaline soap. Water has to be warm, but is not hotter.

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