How to be disaccustomed is for the night

How to be disaccustomed is for the night

Desire is before going to bed – the same addiction as smoking or abuse of coffee. With full stomach it is heavy to fall asleep, digestion processes slow down at night, and the eaten food is waiting in the wings till the morning. It is possible to eradicate negative habit for few weeks, but to wean is for the night it is necessary gradually.

It is required to you

  • - fruit;
  • - kefir or yogurt;
  • - warm milk;
  • - green tea;
  • - chewing gum.


  1. For a start learn to eat properly throughout the day. The balanced food allowance, lack of having a snack, plentiful drink, dinner without hot spices – these factors will help you to be disaccustomed is for the night.
  2. Having resolved not to eat after dinner, at first you keep stock of easy products, such as cheese, yogurt or fruit in the fridge. Before going to bed dare to eat small portion of low-calorie food.
  3. Be gradually accustomed to buy the fresh products necessary for preparation of one dinner for family. That is after meal do not leave food for tomorrow that there was no temptation to eat up the remains before going to bed.
  4. Dull feeling of hunger with glass of warm milk. It will reduce gastric secretion and will have the calming effect on organism. Kefir or drinking yogurt before going to bed too will help you to be disaccustomed is for the night high-calorie food.
  5. Drink green tea with lemon or honey, gradually replace drinks with purified water. It is easy to confuse feeling of hunger with thirst, learn to listen to the organism and to give it what is necessary.
  6. At emergence of attacks of hunger deceive stomach fruit chewing gum. The sweet taste and is a little saliva which has got into gullet, will reduce appetite and will allow you not to think of food.
  7. After dinner do not carry out physical exercises. Having spent the received energy, the organism will demand its completion at the expense of portion of high-calorie food. Devote evening to quiet occupations: check lessons of children, be engaged in needlework, read the book.
  8. Hang up the photo of harmonious celebrity which you want to resemble the fridge. You look at the figure more often and in the diary note progress on fight against excess centimeters.
  9. You go to bed in 3 hours after dinner. The hot bathtub before going to bed will help to relax and to fall asleep quickly. In case it will want to eat at night, put glass with water at bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team