How to be disaccustomed to press pimples

How to be disaccustomed to press pimples

The addiction to press pimples – problem widespread. It is not as dangerous as smoking, and at first sight can seem frivolous and insignificant. But expression of pimples can have serious consequences therefore it is necessary to get rid of this habit as soon as possible.

1. Having picked open even the smallest pimple, you damage integuments. Skin performs protective function in organism. Having damaged it, you will open gate for infection. If it is wrong to squeeze out eel, pus will come out it not completely, and will be distributed in breadth under skin. Further it can extend on organism together with blood. Expression of pimples can become the cause of serious inflammatory process. Often people press pimples on the face. Having picked open eel in areas eyes, one girl has seriously worsened sight as inflammation has passed to eye. If you were frightened by news of possible inflammation, can test other ways of disposal of this habit.

2. Try to find some replacement to addiction. Take packing film with vials of air and try pokovyryat it. You will perform the operation similar to expression of pimples, but at the same time your skin will not be injured and you will not do harm to own organism.

3. To be disaccustomed to press pimples, recommend to touch less that area of body where you have got used to press pimples and not to consider it in search of the next eel. If you usually pick pimples on forehead, look in mirror less often and do not touch the person that you had had no insuperable desire to squeeze out even one small heat-spot.

4. The best way to cease to be engaged in expression of pimples – to descend to the cosmetologist and to cure the skin.

5. It is necessary to watch food, purity of skin, to do medical masks and to wipe problem areas with broths of some herbs, for example, of camomile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team