How to be if skin has burned in the sun

How to be if skin has burned in the sun

If not to adhere to recommendations about protection of skin against sunshine, then it is possible to get skin burn. What to do if your skin has burned in the sun?

1. Preventive merayesl you understand that you have stayed in the sun very long and feel that skin has burned, take 2 pill of aspirin. It is not necessary to wait so far skin will redden and temperature will rise.

2. No to soap! The skin which has burned in the sun is overdried and needs additional moistening therefore do not use any drying-up means, such as soap and shower gel, do not take hot bath and shower.

3. Take soda of vannunemny the heat bath with soda addition will help to cool and take off unpleasant effects from the burned skin to you. Water temperature has to be not higher than 36-37 degrees, and the amount of soda added to bathtub has to be ¼ glasses. Soda solution will help to remove inflammation and will calm skin. Lie down in soda bathtub no more than 10-15 minutes then be not wiped, and let's moisture dry independently. So soda will help skin to be softened better.

4. Do not make plans at vespers build for the first evening of stay in the resort by the sea of plans as in most cases skin burns in the first day of stay in the artful southern sun, even in case she already was sunbathed. If skin during stay in the sun has not reddened, then do not create illusions that there is no burn. The redness, as a rule, appears in 6 hours after suntan. Therefore not to disappoint itself once again, do not plan too much in the first day for the sea.

5. That well spaloschtoba the body burned with the sun suffered from friction about sheet less, powder sheet with talc, it will help to minimize friction and irritation.

6. We humidify and grease kozhuchtoba leather has begun to live quicker, it should be humidified constantly. It is desirable to use at least once in day oil after suntan or any other oil on skin care. It is necessary to apply it to moist skin after shower. Oil will not only humidify and remove peeling, but also to create protective plenochka.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team