How to be painted in the flying

How to be painted in the flying

In the flying high temperatures of air and excessive sweating lead to the fact that usual cosmetics, use of which in cool season did not cause any problems, spread on the person, giving it untidy look. That in the flying, despite heat to look good, you need special summer make-up.

It is required to you

  • - powder;
  • - waterproof ink;
  • - waterproof shadows;
  • - lipstick with protection against the sun;
  • - waterproof eyeliner;
  • - spray with thermal water.


  1. If you have oily skin, then at approach of hot days it will shine even more actively therefore for this period it is necessary to refuse foundation. Good powder has to succeed it. Now it is possible to find powder with factor of protection against ultra-violet radiation in sale, it is intended for use in summertime. Apply it or any other by means of sponge with even layer on the person, paying special attention to the T-zone: to chin, nose and forehead. If during the day on face the luster appears, these sites should be got wet with the special paper absorbing fat. The usual dopudrivaniye can lead to formation of make-up spots on face.
  2. It is possible to use in the flying and usual nutritious skin cream with the tinting effect. But before its drawing it is necessary to cover face with layer of light or transparent powder. Usual foundations are too heavy, hammer skin time therefore during the summer period it is better to refuse their use.
  3. If you cannot do without eye shadow and mascara, then in the flying their waterproof options will be necessary for you. They will not spread under the influence of sweat, for their washing off use means for removal of waterproof make-up.
  4. The skin on lips very gentle, under the scorching beams of the sun it can dry and burst. Therefore they should be greased with special hygienic lipstick with factor of protection against ultra-violet radiation. If there is a wish to make lips brighter, atop it is possible to apply a little lip gloss.
  5. Instead of blush it is better to use bronze powder. It is necessary to apply it on the acting cheekbones just as it is ruddy, it is good to shade. It will give to the face suntanned summer look.
  6. During heat it is desirable to refuse use of eyeliner or to use special waterproof, applying it on upper eyelid, lower it is better to leave after all not made up. Before drawing of arrows slightly powder eyelids.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team