How to be painted in the platinum blonde

How to be painted in the platinum blonde

The platinum blonde - quite difficult color. At inept coloring it is possible to spoil hair, to overdry them or to receive ugly yellow "chicken" shade.

From the brunette in the blonde - you should not hurry

Coloring of dark hair in blond - process long. To you it is not necessary even to try to receive right color for once. The result can be deplorable. For a start it is necessary to carry out the procedure of remover. The special structure is applied on hair as paint. It destroys dark pigment, doing hair hollow from within. They can be filled in any color. At very dark hair not one procedure can be required.

It is necessary to remember that fair hair becomes thinner because in them there is practically no painting pigment. Especially tips suffer. They need to be processed nutritious means.

After remover there have to pass about ten days that it was possible to carry out the procedure of coloring. During this time it is necessary to use reducing agents - balms and masks. Then it will be possible to keep health of hair.

The maximum allowed clarification after remover - on three-four tones, depending on structure of hair. Thicker are painted more difficult. That is transitional color from the brunette to the platinum blonde - light chestnut or average-fair-haired. In the following coloring it is possible to try to achieve the necessary color. But it is necessary to take natural shade of curls into account. If it was reddish (dark-chestnut, for example), yellow color can get out also after kolorirovaniye. In this case it is possible to zatonirovat hair special with shampoo with violet dye. It perfectly neutralizes "chicken" shade, doing hair platinum.

You should not even try to recolour very dark, hard, curly hair in platinum blond. To receive desirable shade, it is necessary to carry out huge number of procedures which will strongly spoil hair.

Coloring shampoos and skins - great option for natural blondes

If hair in itself light, they can be not injured paints, and to give platinum shade easier means. Shampoos and skins cover curls with thin layer, doing them more dense, brilliant. The only shortcoming - they keep not for long. Shampoo is washed away through one-two times, skin - after three-five campaigns in shower. But, unlike paint, unstable means can use rather often, without being afraid to spoil health of hair. For example, it is possible to apply coloring shampoo one-two times a week. The main thing, is correct to use it. Before drawing it is necessary to wash hair usual shampoo, then to distribute coloring on curls and to take several minutes. From that, what is the time means will be on hair, the intensity of color depends. If to overdo, then curls will become not platinum, but gray-violet.

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