How to be painted red color

How to be painted red color

There is set of shades of red hair: from orange to bright-red. Sometimes unnatural violet also treats to group of red hair. And if earlier for coloring in red color it was necessary to decolour hair, then today it is possible to avoid such efforts.

It is required to you

  • Paint, oxidizer, gloves, brush for painting, water, henna.


  1. Exactly because of variety of shades to receive the right red color rather difficult. Besides after painting it quickly grows dull and loses part of attractiveness much quicker than other shades. Therefore be ready to careful hair care and their coloring in process of paint washing off.
  2. Buy resistant paint of red shade which suits you. Remember that future shade depends to a large extent on your natural hair color. If you have dark head of hear, dyed hair will also be dark. Of course, it is possible to achieve pleasant burgundy or copper modulation. And here if you the owner of fair hair, after painting can expect brighter shade. Dissolve paint according to recommendations in the instruction. Put on gloves, pick up brush and begin coloring.
  3. In the beginning paint top locks, then pass to nape and go down below. Paint frontal and temporal locks in the last turn. For uniformity carry out by hairbrush on hair from roots and to tips. Leave paint on hair for the necessary period of time, and then wash away water with shampoo. Consider that as much as possible time on which it is possible to leave paint is 40-45 minutes. Be very careful in treatment of paint, it it is possible to spoil clothes, carpets of the house or tile. Therefore before painting put on undershirt more darkly, and throw towel over shoulders. Consider that after coloring it is possible that these things should be thrown out.
  4. If you have no strong confidence about what shade will suit you, experiment with coloring shampoos. They paint hair without ammonia and peroxide of hydrogen. Such unstable coloring is washed away in one-two weeks. But you have opportunity during this time to estimate the turned-out color. One more advantage of coloring means is that they are very available at the price. As soon as the intensity of color after tonic becomes weaker, hair can be painted other means.
  5. To give to hair beautiful copper shade, use henna. Advantage of this means is that it completely natural therefore does not do harm to hair. However color turns out resistant and after henna it will be already difficult to be changed. So, get henna bag, open it, fill powder in capacity and fill in it with boiled water. Expense on hair to shoulders: 45 grams of henna. Qualitative means right after cultivation gets red shade. If you want hair to have in addition had gloss, add 1 tablespoons of vinegar or 1 tsp of lemon juice to solution. Keep in mind that rather often henna paints hair in very bright shade.
  6. Carefully comb hair and slightly moisten them. You apply henna warm on hair partings and distribute on hair. Try to paint over roots and hair evenly. Then wrap all hair in polyethylene hat and cover with warm towel. If you want to receive bright fiery shade, hold henna not less than 50 minutes. If you dream of copper modulation, leave henna on hair only for 20-30 minutes. Wash away means from hair water with vinegar. For this purpose in advance part vinegar tablespoon in water. When water becomes transparent, stop the procedure of washing off. Unlike coloring by paint, do not use shampoo this day and also within 3-4 days after coloring. It is necessary for fixing of result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team