How to be prepared for beauty contest

How to be prepared for beauty contest

The beauty contest is popular not one hundred years. Earlier for participation in it was to have beautiful appearance and figure enough. Today it is not enough. Beauties of the 21st century have to possess not only fine external data, but also flash intelligence and creative talent. Several advice to those who have decided to become the participant of beauty contest.


  1. For a start you need to solve whether you are ready for participation in similar projects. Reject the ambitions and objectively estimate own data. Well and, of course, be seriously adjusted on victory.
  2. External data. The figure of the pretender to title has to be correct and approach whenever possible under model parameters, 90-60-90. Besides, the condition of skin and hair is considered – everything has to be natural. Therefore do not linger and go to fitness studio.
  3. But nevertheless beauty is on the first place therefore the visit of beauty shop is not excluded. Do not go on peeling before selection tour at all and grow thin too in advance. Your skin has to be faultlessly during competition.
  4. If with appearance everything is all right, time to go to fashionable boutiques or is better in studio. Not important, you have decided to acquire dress in shop or to sew to order. The main thing that your dress was unique, original and emphasized all your delights.
  5. Ideal gait – guarantee of your success! Learn to go beautifully. You hold chin directly, breast forward, straighten back, shoulders need to be taken away back, to pull in stomach. It is necessary to wear heels of 7 cm. We put leg at first on heel, then on foot. And in knees – not to bend.
  6. To win, it is necessary to have endurance, diligence, discipline. And the main thing is to be the actress. From you only positive emotions have to proceed. Believe, it will be felt by both judges and the audience.
  7. The last stage – casting, that is selection tour. You by all means will ask to fill out the questionnaire. In it there will be also tricky questions. Therefore answers need to be thought over in advance, the they will be more original, the it is more at you than chances of victory.
  8. And one more council. Be open and sure of themselves for all 100%, satisfy all requests of stylists, directors and hairdressers. You remember - future queen has to be always best of all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team