How to be prepared for electroepilation

How to be prepared for electroepilation

to electroepilation it is possible to get rid of hair forever on any part of the body, but it is very long and painful method. The good result requires from 6 to 14 sessions each 4-6 weeks. It is important to be adjusted morally and to be prepared correctly not to throw after the first session.


  1. Attentively look at the list of contraindications: - pregnancy, feeding by breast; - cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, hypertension, the postponed heart attacks), carrying pacemaker; - any diseases of blood; - oncological diseases; - diabetes; - intrauterine spiral (at epilation in the field of bikini); - varicosity on the venue of the procedure; - any diseases of skin, tendency to formation of hems; - any virus infectious diseases (temporary contraindication); - implantation of gold threads; - hepatitis; - intolerance of the metal alloys which are part of needles (it is possible to pick up suitable needle); - intolerance of electric current. At chronic, especially gynecologic, diseases consult with the doctor. When planning pregnancy it is undesirable to begin electroepilation since it is additional stress for organism and at pregnancy approach you will not be able to continue sessions.
  2. Pick up successful date for session, it is desirable that ahead you had day off for rest of the house. Also consider that several days after epilation at you will heal skin.
  3. Before the procedure wash the head and take shower since day it is desirable not to wet proepilirovany area for faster healing.
  4. If you are going to carry out the procedure without the anesthetizing pricks, take before it the anesthetizing pill, for example ketones or analginum. It is important to read the instruction before application - the maximum efficiency of medicines begins approximately in one or two hours. It is also possible to use the anesthetizing gels or sprays, but they affect only skin and do not help at strong jolts of electricity. If to you it is all the same very painful, surely ask to put the anesthetizing pricks, otherwise it will be very difficult to you to decide on continuation of sessions.
  5. In advance specify at the cosmetologist as it is necessary to look after skin after the procedure and buy all necessary. Usually advise to use tincture of calendula or boric alcohol and ointment panthenol.
  6. Be configured to the procedure psychologically and take player with favourite music or the interesting book. It will help to distract during the procedure. Photograph the processed area before each procedure, the effect will be so more noticeable and your motivation is higher to continue procedures.

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