How to be prepared for fire

How to be prepared for fire

The correct preparation for suntan allows to avoid burns and irritations on skin. If you want to have healthy, slightly brown complexion in the flying, begin right now. Then beautiful suntan will long remain on skin.

The sun which you wait for the whole year accelerates skin aging. What happens to skin under the influence of the sun? UV-radiation allocates more, than usually, quantities of available radicals — oxygen molecules which attack almost all components of fabric and damage organism. They work on the genes found in each cage. Do not feel sorry for protective skin creams.

Excessive suntan

UV rays cause adverse changes in fibroblasts — the cages responsible for production of collagen and elastin. The collagenic and elastinovy fibers containing grid which forms framework for epidermal structures. Thanks to them skin becomes elastic and elastic. Fibroblasts also produce natural enzymes which regulate skin regeneration. Under the influence of UV-radiation these enzymes are excessively activated. They begin to destroy collagen when skin loses elasticity.

How to reduce negative impact of ultra-violet radiation if all of you still want to sunbathe? The diet will prepare skin for fire.

It is worth thinking in advance, it is desirable in 2 months prior to flying, to think of diet. It has to be rich with antioxidants which protect skin from influence of free radicals — when the molecule faces the free radical, she unites to it, neutralizing it. One of the most powerful antioxidants is beta carotene. Unused organism, it collects gradually — at first in fatty tissue, then in epidermis. Its greatest treasures are orange and red fruit and vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, red pepper, apricots, peaches, oranges.

Contraindications to suntan

Check whether is not present among the components of cream of retinoids used by you. Use hydroxylic or salicylic acid. If you use cream with one of these ingredients now, you have to refuse suntan. Naked skin becomes thinner and softer, and, therefore, is more susceptible to adverse effects of sunlight.

Also avoid dermatological and cosmetic procedures. Just before season which has not been estimated. You do not go for laser treatment, microdermabrasion, chemical peelings, use one skin which becomes more sensitive for irritation. After them it is necessary to protect carefully skin from sunshine that is not always possible.

If you take contraceptive pill, sunbathe moderately, protecting skin cream with the big filter. Use of oral contraceptives at the excessive sun causes emergence of decolorization on skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team