How to be prepared for laser grinding of the person

How to be prepared for laser grinding of the person

Today laser grinding of the person is one of the most popular methods of fight against wrinkles and acne. This procedure has several names: laser dermobraziya or laser vaporization. It is quite injuring procedure for skin. Therefore achievement of the best result requires holding certain preparatory procedures.


1. Before carrying out laser grinding of the person it is necessary to undergo medical examination as this procedure has number of contraindications. It is necessary to be checked for absence of diabetes, gerpeso-viral infection.

2. You will choose optimum season. Cold air and wind have negative effect on skin regeneration processes. Optimum time for carrying out grinding is summer. Also it is impossible to do this procedure if the trip to tropical countries is necessary. Anyway about half a year after grinding to you it is necessary to use sun-protection means before exit to the street. They will prevent emergence of pigmental spots.

3. As well as before any operation, intake of aspirin should be stopped. It is also necessary to stop intake of hormonal medicines and antibiotics. They can promote liquid delay in organism that in turn can influence emergence of pigmental spots.

4. Consult with the cosmetologist if at skin there are inflammations. In that case laser grinding should be postponed. Otherwise the infection can get on healthy sites.

5. In 6 months prior to the procedure cancel all medicines which are applied to treatment of acne rash.

6. Not less than in six weeks prior to the procedure it is necessary to begin carrying out number of procedures for skin exfoliation. For this purpose at daily leaving it is necessary to apply means which contain tretinoin, glycolic acid and some other bleaching means. Perhaps, carrying out and other cosmetology procedures will be required. They considerably will accelerate the restoration period after carrying out grinding and will improve cosmetology effect of it.

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