How to be recoloured from black in light

How to be recoloured from black in light

Many of girls, being guided by fashion or councils of girlfriends, recolour hair in black color. And there is also a lot of people who were born with such hair color. However sooner or later much are bothered by this color and there is desire to be recoloured in lighter shade. However it is not so easy how to become dark-haired.

It is required to you

  • Many efforts and time and also hair-dye, blondiruyushchy means (remover, powder, peroxide) are necessary


  1. Think whether really you need to be recoloured in light tone. Remember that paint quite strongly spoils hair therefore it is the best of all to leave black color not one breakthrough, and step by step, slowly but surely brightening tone behind tone.
  2. First of all you will pick up paint necessary for you. It has to contain quite large amount of oxidizer. It is necessary strongly to decolour your hair before putting new color.
  3. Remove dark color from your hair. For this purpose best of all the blondiruyushchy remover, blondiruyushchy powder or oxidizer will approach. It is necessary in order that lighter shade has lingered on your hair. However you remember that this procedure can negatively affect health of hair extremely. If you bleach the native color, then mozho to use white henna or peroxide of hydrogen. Anyway, all these medicines very badly influence hair. They become dim, lifeless, the fragility and loss increases.
  4. Then apply color on hair. Take it on hair and wash away. Remember that color needs to be taken long enough in order that it was fixed on your hair.
  5. Wash away paint. Dry up hair. Look at own color: if it is necessary, repeat the procedure for obtaining desired color. In general professionals recommend to take break in several days between bleaching of hair and new painting in the necessary shade. It is necessary for rest of hair. But hardly many women follow it, so it is necessary to look good every day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team