How to be recoloured from red color

How to be recoloured from red color

Many women like to make experiments with the appearance. The most widespread changes belong to change of hair color. Now for short period it is possible to turn without effort from the brunette into the blonde and vice versa. And here it is not so simple to paint over red shade.


  1. First of all try to return former shade to the hair. Visit professional shop and buy in it remover for hair. Give the preference to remover with effect of clarification. Otherwise to get rid of reddishness it will not turn out. Red color comprises special pigment which gets deeply into structure of hair. And thanks to such remover for once you will be able to clarify the hair on four tones at once.
  2. Apply remover for hair on clean dry hair. About 15-20 minutes take it, and then just wash away warm water. After that you need only to dry up the head phenom and to appreciate result.
  3. It should be noted that the remover not in all cases returns to hair natural shade. After its single use the locks can look dimly, lifelessly. Depending on result you can carry out the repeated procedure of washing off of paint.
  4. For strengthening of hair and final disposal of red pigments prepare mask from yeast and kefir. Add 40 grams of yeast to glass of kefir. Carefully stir components. For hour apply the turned-out gruel. Then just wash up the head.
  5. Now you can start coloring. Experts advise after such procedures simply to zatonirovat hair. In this case the harm done by remover will be not considerable. If there are desire and opportunity, then you can address to beauty shop. There experts will help you to paint carefully hair in lighter or, on the contrary, more dark color.
  6. If you have no opportunity to ask for the help experts, then try to be recoloured independently. Choose such paint in which there are no red shades. Get closer to desirable color gradually. For time change shade of all for tone half-tone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team