How to be recoloured from the brown-haired woman in fair-haired

How to be recoloured from the brown-haired woman in fair-haired

Sooner or later brown-haired women are bothered by dark color, and they aim to change a little it, without changing shade of the curls cardinally. That during coloring of hair not to injure them the strong chemical painting compositions, it is possible to dye hair in natural fair-haired color, choosing among variety of shades.


  1. The girls who have decided to be recoloured from brown-haired women in fair-haired can use services of the experienced hairdresser who will pick up the most suitable palette of the painting structure. Wishing to save, you can buy quality paint and be engaged in independent coloring of your curls.
  2. At first think what shade of fair-haired color you would like to receive as a result. Among rich variety of options of fair-haired color it is possible to choose from him light to the most dark shade. It is the most difficult to receive ashy-fair-haired color.
  3. Decolour natural dark hair by means of special clarifiers, and colored brown-haired women are recommended to wash away the remains of the painting structure by means of the chemical "remover" which is on sale in many domestic shops of cosmetics. When your curls are already a little decoloured or clarified on couple of tones to recolour them in fair-haired color, use usual paint with attractive ashy shade.
  4. To receive fair-haired color in the conditions of independent coloring, choose paint of ashy-fair-haired, ashy or light brown shade which will help the brown-haired woman to receive lighter curls as a result. But if desired entrust the hair to paint natural curls in light tone with unusual shades better to the expert as only the hairdresser will be able to mix several different paints that will allow to receive beautiful and saturated color as a result.
  5. Just before the procedure of coloring attentively read the instruction which is attached to tube with hair-dye and precisely follow it. As well as when coloring hair by any other painting structures, prepare structure before coloring of curls at once. Take soft brush or the old toothbrush which has served the term with bristle from natural hairs and you apply divorced paint on hair.
  6. Carefully paint over your locks at roots and evenly distribute brush the painting structure on all length of hair. When you gradually process all curls, just take structure on hair exactly such amount of time which has been specified in the instruction to paint. In time wash away paint, and then wash hair with water with small addition of several drops of vinegar that the fair-haired shade was fixed better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team