How to be recoloured in dark color

How to be recoloured in dark color

There are many reasons for which women make coloring of hair. Sometimes they just want something fashionable, in other case the coloring of gray hair is carried out, cases when the woman decides to change completely image are frequent and paints fair hair in dark color. In all situations the coloring of hair adds them new gloss and rich saturated color therefore this procedure and enjoys such wide popularity.


  1. The biggest problem in independent hair-dyeing – it is correct to choose color. If you want to paint hair in dark tone, begin with the lightest shades of chestnut. It is easy to recolour hair in more dark color, but if you have painted hair in too dark color at once, then to make it will be lighter very difficult.
  2. At paint selection surely pay attention to the table where it is written: initial color and also color which we receive after coloring. Directly depends on it as far as color will be close to that which you wish to receive. At final black color own initial tone has to be, at least, average-brown.
  3. If you have decided to paint house hair independently, then you need to consider several basic rules: - Sensitivity test. It just should be done before coloring. For this purpose apply a little paint on inside of elbow and leave for one hour; - It is necessary to apply paint on hair from nape because on this site the head skin has smaller temperature and is more slowly painted over; - After putting paint on roots apply residues of paint with special brush on hair and shake up in foam then comb hair; - If you paint the grown roots, then several minutes prior to washing off by means of combing distribute paint on all length of hair; - You should not overdo paint on the head, from it the tone will not become nasyshchenny, however hair will become more fragile and dry; - It is necessary to wash away paint large amount of water.
  4. It is better to make up the hair with chemical wave decoloured or strongly injured by the sun at the hairdresser as the struck places absorb paint easier, inept actions it is possible to paint the head in motley color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team