How to be recoloured in fair-haired color

How to be recoloured in fair-haired color

Fair-haired hair color – the most widespread among people of Slavic type. And its shades can vary from light (practically blond) to dark. Most of the women having fair-haired shade try to get rid of it though there are also persons interested to become owners of fair-haired head of hear.


  1. First of all, it is necessary to decide on shade. It can be both ashy fair-haired, and warm with golden otliva. It is important to consider skin type, color of eyes and to be guided by the natural color. If your hair of initially warm shades, then to you it is not necessary to be recoloured in cold. It can visually spoil complexion.
  2. It will be most difficult to owners of dark and black hair, especially if they are painted, but not natural color. For a start it will be necessary to wash away color that hair became almost white. You should not do it at one time – hair and head skin can do much harm very strongly. Then fair-haired color will not be able to brighten up the dry, burned-through hair any more.
  3. It is better to do clarification of hair for 3-4 receptions depending on initial color. If you want to receive fair-haired color, without having done much harm at the same time to hair, then it is better to address the expert. Of course, repeated visit of salon will significantly affect your financial state, but so you will be able to receive desired color without doubtful experiments.
  4. If your natural hair color is close to fair-haired, and you have resolved to become for a long time the owner of fair-haired shade, then it is possible to show patience and to grow the natural color. Then it will be much simpler to change a little shade, and it will practically not do much harm to hair.
  5. It is better for owners of red hair not to think of cold shades of fair-haired. Hair also should be clarified, perhaps, in several stages. To receive white color it will not turn out – there will be yellow or orange shade. Therefore also fair-haired color for coloring needs to be picked up warm shade.
  6. Natural blondes were lucky in this question most of all. Correctly to pick up the necessary shade of fair-haired, it is possible to experiment at first with coloring tonics at once not to tie itself to certain color. They are washed away all for several times. And then, having been defined, it is possible to choose resistant paint of the pleasant shade already.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team