How to be recoloured in the blonde in house conditions

How to be recoloured in the blonde in house conditions

The ashy blonde, wheat, linen, golden, platinum – is a lot of shades attracting women whom the nature has not made happy in blond color. Now the desirable effect can achieve even in house conditions, knowing as it is correct to paint, clarify or decolour hair.


  1. Choose suitable paint and oxidizer. It is the best of all to buy them in professional hairdresser's shops. Most often all products which can be useful to you are on sale there in large volumes, but if you do not use all clarifying powder on primary coloring, then it to be useful on coloring of the growing roots. From what color your hair before coloring, also concentration of the oxidizer necessary for clarification depends. Oxidizers happen from 1.8 to 12%. Respectively, the your hair before coloring are lighter, the smaller concentration of oxidizer is necessary to you. Color of the tinting paint needs to be selected attentively too. Remember that red and black hair at decolorization get yellowish shade, but are not bleached completely so it is better to take paint closer to silvery or ashy blond.
  2. Care for health! If your hair are weakened by chemical wave or recent coloring, then it is worth holding off repaint, it is very heavy process at which the hair structure collapses. The hair becomes empty and very brittle and if to carry out the procedure of clarification on already weakened hair, it can lead to the fact that they will begin to break off or drop out already at washing off of structure.
  3. Also before use of mix of paint and oxidizer, it is necessary to check whether you have allergy to some components of structure. For this purpose a day before coloring apply trial structure on elbow inside. If in a day there are no reddenings, peelings or other phenomena, not normal for your skin, then it is possible without fear to apply paint on hair.
  4. 3. You apply paint correctly. It will help to avoid roughness of color, so, your hair should not suffer one more coloring in the nearest future. Besides, inaccurate putting paint can lead to the fact that on border of hair there will be spots which will long spoil to you appearance and will injure skin. Therefore the structure needs to be applied in gloves, on dirty dry hair (if other is not specified in the instruction). At the same time skin on border of hair and ears needs to be processed fat cream that at hit of paint it could be washed away easily. Begin to apply paint from nape. In this area temperature of the head is lower, than in others, so, and coloring happens more slowly. Move ahead towards temples, taking on thin pryadochka. At first apply paint on all length of hair, without taking root but only then special brush bring it to root. After all hair are painted, take hairbrush with frequent teeths and comb hair several times. It will help paint to be distributed evenly on hair and to remove surplus of structure. Try not to overdo paint, at least, not to exceed the limit specified in the instruction. Take paint of 20-30 minutes, and then carefully wash away warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team