How to be saved from split ends

How to be saved from split ends

Split ends give to your hair not well-groomed and unhealthy look. Of course, they can be sheared, but it will not solve problem – hair and will split further, will become fragile and lifeless. Therefore the special care is necessary for them.

The splitting hair - the injured hair. If to consider curl under microscope, you will see the tips of hair split in two. Such they become because of lack of vitamins of group B, abuse of laying means, nippers and irons and also under the influence of the painting means. If you do not pay attention to this disturbing symptom, the hairstyle will turn into inaccurate shock of the dried-up hair similar to hay.

To owners of short hairstyles this problem is unfamiliar - the whipped ends of hair often disturb long-haired beauties. The healthy hair is covered with thin film which protects it from hazardous substances and high temperatures. Such "covering" is called cuticle. If its integrity is broken for any of several reasons, the hair begins to be stratified, signaling about availability of trikhologichesky problems.

Of course, to get rid of split ends, it is necessary to truncate head of hear on 2-3 cm. But it is necessary to take the following preventive measures for maintaining beauty and health of hair. Replace chemical hair-dyes with natural dyes. With their help it is possible not only to receive beautiful, saturated and resistant color, but also to strengthen hair bulbs, to get rid of dandruff and excessive fat content. Use quality shampoos and conditioners, but not soap or shower gel. Today in the cosmetic market it is full of means with marking "Shower gel + shampoo - economic means 2 in 1". Do not give in on advertizing tricks - the alkaline balance of similar means can provoke such problems with head skin and its indumentum that the splitting ends will seem you small trouble. Buy the vitaminized shampoo with B6, PP vitamins and lecithin. At least once in week rinse hair with natural grass broths. Make mix of 1 tsp of linden, 2 tsps of mint and 1 tablespoon of camomile in pharmaceutical 1 liter of boiled water, cool and use instead of habitual conditioner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team