How to be saved from the first wrinkles

How to be saved from the first wrinkles

Wrinkles can appear at absolutely young age. The reasons of such phenomenon set, but often they concern health and way of life. Important role is played also by daily face care. If desired it is possible to remove that day when on face the first traces of aging of skin appear.


1. Conduct active and the healthy lifestyle is the most important that is necessary for maintenance of beauty. You sleep not less than 7 hours a day, fatigue traces smoothly pass into the first wrinkles. Avoid stresses and overstrain. Take the sedative drugs if you have bad dream.

2. Exclude harmful products which contain large amount of carcinogens and nutritional supplements from diet. They poison organism that leads to presenilation of skin and on health it makes negative impact. Whenever possible do not use alcoholic beverages and nicotine.

3. Accept vitamin and antioxidant complexes. As these means have contraindications, previously consult with the doctor. Support intestinal microflora, normal clarification of organism depends on it.

4. Look after the person. Buy cosmetics which are developed for your type of skin. On sale it is possible you will meet creams which are designed for certain age. They are produced taking into account requirements and contain maximum of the nutritious and moisturizing substances which help to avoid emergence of wrinkles.

5. Do not wash usual soap. Antibacterial gels also overdry skin that conducts to wrinkles therefore use the moistening or nutritious skins which can be met in shops. Remove cosmetics special liquid for makeup removal, especially it concerns waterproof ink. Periodically purify skin with peeling, and then you put nutritious masks. It is desirable that at means there was collagen.

6. Daily drink not less than 3 liters of liquid – it saturates cages of organism and helps to prolong skin youth. Especially good effect renders green tea in unlimited number. Following these rules, you will make your face young and beautiful, and can not think of wrinkles for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team