How to be stylish and beautiful

How to be stylish and beautiful

Admiration wants to attract views and to cause any woman. There are women who were born perfect, and there are ladies who have made themselves. Sometimes to be stylish and beautiful, it is necessary to work much – to find the identity.


  1. Look. Even the most expensive and smart clothes will not smooth impression of the woman with extinct eyes and universal melancholy on face. The smile spoiled nobody yet, so show it more often. Feel the self-sufficiency – to you obviously is what to be proud! Straighten shoulders, raise the head, add confidence in look and it is proud walk towards the to victories.
  2. Look for the style. From you strict compliance to standards of classics or sports style is not required. Perhaps, you will manage to find ideally successful mixture of styles and it will be only your feature. Listen to the feelings – what was always not enough for you? Comfort, elegance, negligent romanticism or you always wanted to be the queen of shocking? Realize the ideas – trial and error method you will come to the necessary result and will find own style.
  3. Be accurate with flowers. Carry out audit – collect fabrics of different coloring and apply them to the person in front of the mirror. You will at once see what of them obviously spoil you – remember these colors and never use them in the dresses. Check successful options for compatibility with other flowers and tones. Follow the simple rule – combinations no more than three flowers are successful. Dilute monophonic dresses with bright accessories, and the shouting suits calm quiet details.
  4. Be able to be harmonious. To be stylish and beautiful does not mean at all to have ideal proportions. If you differ in magnificent figure, then do not make typical mistake – do not buy clothes of the bigger size. Emphasize the advantages and hide what you want to hide by means of details – accessories and elements of clothes.
  5. Emphasize the beauty. The woman its image – make-up, clothes, hairstyle, gait, turn of the head, look and other specific features does surprisingly beautiful. Present yourself with advantage and be sure – you are beautiful!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team