How to be to the man during pregnancy

How to be to the man during pregnancy

Pregnancy of the wife always causes storm of emotions and surplus of feelings in men. Even those husbands who dreamed of the child long ago can fall into condition of catalepsy. To avoid the conflicts with the wife at pregnancy, it is necessary attentively and to understand future mother.


  1. The most important - the man has to accept all changes in behavior of the spouse. During pregnancy in organism of the woman there are hormonal changes which can cause differences of mood, the increased tearfulness, irritability and changes of flavoring preferences.
  2. The man during pregnancy of the wife should not perceive all its whims close to heart, shortly this period will pass. But it is necessary to have patience and to give support to the pregnant wife. It is very important to take more care and to constantly pay it attention. Even at strongly loaded working day to the man should not make work to call darling and to cope about her health and state. Showering with the wife with positive emotions, the man contributes to the correct pre-natal development of the child.
  3. Many men consider that process of incubation of the child concerns only women what very much are mistaken in. Pregnancy and childbirth – the processes demanding attention of married couple, and not just woman. During pregnancy, men have to create the atmosphere of trust and sincerity in family that future mother could feel comfortable. It is necessary to keep trusting relationship with the wife that she was not afraid to complain or ask about the help.
  4. The husband has to behave surely to help the wife to overcome all the fears. He should talk to the kid, stroking at the same time tummy, he hears everything and feels. Over time the kid will be reagirovatna father's voice and to knock in reply the leg in mother's tummy.
  5. The man should not take offense if the pregnant wife began to give a little to him attention, she is concentrated on development of the kid now. Instead of criticizing the spouse, it is better to support her. It is necessary to spend more time with her and to make walks, fresh air is very important for health of mother and future baby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team