How to be tonsured most

How to be tonsured most

To have hair cut, most of people prefer to go to hairdressing salon or beauty shop. But on it a lot of money leaves. If you have decided to save and make house hairstyle, then you should adhere to some councils. Following them, you will be able to cut hair and by that you will get rid of expensive visits of salon.

It is required to you

  • - spray with clear water
  • - sharp scissors
  • - hairbrush with frequent teeth


  1. For a start wash up hair and properly comb them. Know that it is much easier to cut wet hair, than dry. During hairstyle near at hand you hold the spray with water from time to time to humidify the drying-up locks.
  2. Decide on hairstyle. If you the beginner, then is better to begin with the simplest - it is to tonsure hair of one length.
  3. Divide hair into equal hair parting.
  4. Begin hairstyle. You divide hair into small locks, holding them between average and index fingers. Accurately, lock behind lock, cut off superfluous, not podstrizhyota all hair yet.
  5. If you the owner of curly hair, then cut them much more long than the planned result. When curls dry, they will become shorter.
  6. When your hairstyle approaches end, surely check whether evenly you have cut hair. For this purpose it is necessary to take locks of hair from opposite sites of the head and to reach them chin, nose or the line of eyes. So you will see whether their length matches.
  7. If you want to cut to yourself bang, then at first it is necessary to make hair parting on the center. Then measure by means of hairbrush from each party of hair parting equal locks and comb them forward. Accurately cut off locks, passing them between average and index fingers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team