How to be wound on irons

How to be wound on irons

Irons are available almost for each woman long ago, they have various range of use. The iron it is possible to stack both direct, and curly hair. Modern replacement of the old curling iron and hair curlers allows to smooth the curling curls, to polish unruly hair or to make almost imperceptible waves giving volume to hairstyle. By means of the iron the laying of any complexity becomes less labor-consuming.

It is required to you

  • Hair and iron


  1. After acquisition of the iron it is necessary to think also of health of hair. It much more safely than the curling iron, however, will not prevent the additional hair care which is not demanding many efforts.
  2. After washing of the head it is necessary to put vitamin mask for hair at least once in week and also in addition to use thermoprotective equipment for hair which are available practically in each shop. They need to be applied on moist hair before drying by the hair dryer or laying by the iron that also promotes pasting of split ends
  3. It is possible to wind straight hair in only a few minutes. The size of curls will depend on the chosen iron, the iron is thinner, the curls will turn out less. The minimum size of surface in width of 1.5 cm.
  4. Before laying the iron needs to be turned on that he has managed to get warm. Then to choose lock and at roots of hair to clamp it the iron, without delaying time to vertically twist hair, rotating semicircle the iron. If to overdo the iron on hair acute angles at curls will turn out and it is necessary to make this procedure anew.
  5. Sometimes it is necessary to correct only hairstyle, twisting of tips of hair outside or inside takes literally several minutes. The iron needs to be held at right angle to the processed locks, having taken hair is a little higher than tips, to turn it in the necessary party.
  6. The iron can also be used for turning of short hair. By means of various gels or skins for laying the hairstyle can give uncombed view with easy curls.
  7. That the hairstyle kept in original state it is necessary to apply after turning of hair varnish for fixing longer. Then till the evening it is possible not to worry and not to look constantly in mirror.

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