How to be wound with film

How to be wound with film

Wrappings by film with various substances are carried out for the purpose of weight loss. Such method allows not to change habitual way of life, but to correct figure and to improve appearance of skin.

It is required to you

  • Food wrap, honey, essential oils, mustard.


1. Honey - very widespread product for wrapping with film. Its advantage is that it helps to bring slags and toxins out of organism. Thanks to wrapping, useful substances from honey are completely absorbed in skin and get into its deepest layers. So, in the beginning apply honey on problem places: there, where fat and cellulitis has accumulated. Usually it hips and stomach. Properly rub honey in body. Then take food wrap: it is convenient to be wound with it, holding the whole roll in hand. Wind off small piece of film and put it on the site with honey. Later circle roll around leg or stomach so that the film has completely covered the processed part of the body.

2. After the film is imposed, it is not recommended to move it in different directions. If width of film does not allow to capture all hip completely, just lower roll in the direction and again wrap it around leg. At the same time do not tear off film. Upon transition to other parts of the body, tear off film and well press it to body that it did not depart. Each leg should be wrapped in film separately. In half an hour unwind film from all sites, wash away the remains of honey warm water. After that apply the moisturizing cream to skin. For wrapping it is possible to use clean honey, and it is possible to mix it with different essential oils.

3. For the maximum effect put on directly film warm trousers and carry out various physical exercises: squats, attacks, moves legs and so on. They will help to burn extra kilos quicker. During wrapping wind food wrap so hardly, it is how necessary. Even if you are going to do exercises. Hard wrapping will have much more bigger effect.

4. Besides honey for wrapping by food wrap it is possible to use mustard. For this purpose mix the mustard powder diluted with hot water and honey in equal proportions. Add olive oil to mix. Consider that mustard mix has very strong warming effect. Not to get burn, at first check reaction on the small site of skin. By practical consideration it is necessary to define how many it will be required mustard powder for wrapping. At first put small amount of mustard in mix and if the skin reacts normally, increase powder dose. The film should be held on body within half an hour, and then to remove it and to be rinsed under shower.

5. It is possible to turn around in film in general without any ingredients. Due to greenhouse effect which is created by film your volumes and cellulitis will also leave. For achievement of the best result it is recommended to lead healthy lifestyle and to adhere to diet. Increase physical activity and then desirable weight loss will occur much earlier.

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