How to be young and healthy

How to be young and healthy

woman, despite age, always wants to remain young and healthy. It is necessary to make every effort to keep youth. Constant and close attention to the organism is right step on the way to these components.


  1. First of all pay special attention to the health. Fill to play sports. Daily jogs in the fresh air will help you to put the figure in order. Constant trainings will also save you from set of problems, you will begin to feel better, at you asthma vanishes, you feel ease in the body. Besides the slim silhouette will add to you self-confidence. At the same time you should not forget about healthy nutrition. Eat only natural products. Eat fruit and vegetables more. Steam meat and fish, it will allow to keep useful properties of food. Refuse alcohol and cigarettes as they harmful affect your health and beauty.
  2. The business card of each woman is her face. Carefully and carefully look after the skin. In the morning and wash in the evening, using gel or skin for washing. Also tour and you apply face cream to skin in the evening. Use nutritious cream in the winter, and in the flying – moistening. Carefully select cosmetics for your type of skin. Several times a week do masks. It is the best of all to prepare masks independently, from natural ingredients. Also 1-2 times a week do peeling, it will allow you to get rid of dead cells. Before going to bed do small facial massage, it will improve blood circulation, and the complexion will become equal and beautiful. Everyone women dreams to have smart head of hear. To achieve such result, it is necessary to look after hair carefully. Pick up shampoo which is ideal for your hair. Comb hair before going to bed and every time before washing. It stimulates blood circulation that promotes strengthening of structure of hair. Whenever possible try not to use the hair dryer. Also it is worth refusing the iron and the curling iron as they will only burn your curls. Once a week do masks for hair.
  3. It is known that the age of the woman is determined on her hands. Pay special attention to hands. Every time before going to bed you apply cream on hands. Use rubber gloves when you direct houses cleaning or you wash the dishes. Also you watch the manicure, it always has to be beautiful and well-groomed.
  4. You watch the latest events and fashion trends. If you want to be always young, then you should not lag behind. It does not mean at all that it is necessary to put on and behave as the teenager. First of all you have to be aware of the last novelties. It will allow you to feel in the thick of things. You go to the cinema and on various action more often. New impressions will lighten you the mood, and you will feel more young.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team