How to become attractive

How to become attractive

success in human life in many respects is defined by its appeal – external and internal. The pleasant appearance and share of charm are capable to help with overcoming difficulties and establishing contacts. The question of appeal of girls to opposite sex is especially demanded.


  1. The appeal of the woman is defined by set of factors. It and external criteria, such as figure, face, clothes, accessories, hair, and internal, such as charisma, mind, etc. To become externally attractive, it is necessary to accustom itself to daily face and body leaving. Single procedures for leaving will not give due effect. It is correct to look after himself accurately built system will help.
  2. At first pay attention to own health. The majority of diseases are anyway displayed on appearance, whether it be pimples, skin peeling, pale look or "circles" under eyes. If you suspect that the organism sends signal of any malfunctions, surely see doctor.
  3. Take for corrected daily washing with use of the cleaning lotions, skins and gels. Use face scrubs not more often than three times a week, mask – also. Surely select good cosmetics according to type of skin or do skin care products independently, using natural components. Do not forget to pay attention to neck skin!
  4. Arrange once a week bathing day – take heat baths, steaming out skin and applying special srub on body. After such cleaning, skin will become soft and velvety, and well-groomed skin – beauty basis.
  5. Pay attention to figure. Remember that it is absolutely optional to arrange the body under the standard ideals which also so constantly change under the influence of fashion trends. In this question the most important is healthy weight and harmonious look.
  6. If, selecting clothes in shop, you become before the choice between quantity and quality – choose quality. Having bought one qualitative skirt, you fill up the clothes with the excellent thing capable to decorate you, but having chosen instead of it three dresses sewed somehow you will only throw out money to burn.
  7. Also surely pay attention to the gait. The person from whom blows as confidence and appeal will not stoop, does not hang the head during walking and does not try to hide look from people around as if apologizing for own existence. Equal, measured gait, not too wide step it is also proud the raised chin will decorate any woman.
  8. Besides appearance the appeal is also internal "filling" of the person. No clothes and cosmetic procedures will be able to improve situation if the girl is rude and cannot support conversation. Read books, find to yourself hobby, surely study modern etiquette – it will allow you to become attractive in the opinion of any person.
  9. Aiming to make good impression, you remember that it is impossible to be pleasant to all and at the same time, all so different people. The most important – self-esteem and harmony with.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team