How to become beautiful in 30 days

How to become beautiful in 30 days

The significant event is expected, and you want to be on it irresistible? There is course on improvement of the appearance in 30 days. Observing all these simple recommendations in complex, you will achieve noticeable result only in month.

1. The condition of our skin depends on condition of organism in general. Do you want your skin to become equal, the complexion has improved, and hair and nails became stronger? Then every morning for half an hour to food eat 1 tablespoon of seed of flax, chewing and washing down with warm water. Do not use this means in the presence of stones at all. The same effect, as well as blood clarification in addition, it is possible to achieve, eating every day boiled beet. Also very useful will eat in day not less than 50 gr. any nuts.

2. Nobody is painted by small wrinkles, "goose pads" around eyes and dim complexion. Mix will help to get rid of these troubles - to mix 10 capsules of vitamin E with 30 gr. glycerin. For hour to dream, every evening you put this means on the face which is previously cleaned. That the effect was the greatest before drawing slightly warm skin - make by it light massage by brush before small reddening.

3. Time in 3 days needs to be done mask for hair of dry mustard. Powder needs to be dissolved with hot water to consistence of dense sour cream, it is possible to add oil of wheat or burdock. We hold half an hour on moist hair and in month it is possible to brag of magnificent mane. If for rinsing of hair after washing of the head to add 5 drops of menthol oil to water, then the head it will become pleasant fresh, dandruff will be gone, the excessive greasiness of hair will disappear. Besides this means can relieve headache. That cilia, tired of constant cosmetics, have found force, it is necessary to grease only them in the evening, after removal of make-up, with wheat germ oil.

4. We do house srub of mix of glass of salt and glass of sour cream. We store it in the fridge and every time after bathing thoroughly we mass all body, then it is washed carefully away by water. It will make skin smooth and clean. For the night we grease legs with butter mix with several drops of mint oil, we put on socks and we go to bed. In month of foot will begin to look as at the baby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team