How to become beautiful in week

How to become beautiful in week

in week the important event is necessary to you, then it is necessary to look on all hundred. Do not worry that there is not enough vermena - it is possible to make toilet and in 7 days.

Begin to become beautiful from nails

Hands are business card of the well-groomed girl. First of all register in manicure. Independently you will not give to the nails of such luster, as in salon. If on the street summer, do not forget also about pedicure. You can also increase nails, cover them with acrylic, gel polish, usual color or colourless varnish. Always relevant the French manicure with the bleached tips of nails looks. If you have decided to make manicure with usual varnish, visit salon as it is possible closer to date of your important event, at the end of the allotted week that varnish has not peeled off at inopportune moment.

Put hair in order

Even if you will perfectly look, the grown roots of hair, the burned-through head of hear and split ends will make your look untidy. Surely visit the hairdresser and put the hair in order. Perhaps, you should make any cosmetic procedures or to buy special means for laying. Do not use cheap paints for coloring and be not painted independently - the master will help to achieve desirable shade and not to spoil hair. You do not hold long head of hear if your tips look as if bast. Make fashionable hairstyle, and you will notice how your appearance will change.

Personal care lightens the mood, improves self-assessment and saves from depression.

You descend to the cosmetologist

Air of megalopolises, daily stresses, sleep debt and low-quality food negatively affect appearance of face skin. It becomes sulfur, time extends, capillaries and small wrinkles appear. Register to the cosmetologist and learn what leaving is necessary to you. Perhaps, you need face peel, massage or anti-aging care. The cosmetologist not only will carry out necessary procedures, but also will advise suitable cosmetics.

After visit of the cosmetologist it is desirable not to use day decorative cosmetics.

Take care of body

Sedentary work and lack of physical activity have negative effect on body. It becomes less flexible and mobile, the bearing worsens. You will be helped masses and by moderate physical activity, for example, several occupations of yoga. You should not train strongly before significant day - muscle pain will nullify all efforts on finding of beautiful bearing. And for maintenance of smoothness and elasticity of skin it is possible to descend on the SPA procedure or just to take the weakening bath with essential oils.

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