How to become glamourous

How to become glamourous

— the acquired quality. The word "glamour" comes from the French glamour and designates "charm", "gloss", "charm". To conform to this high standard, it is necessary to work well.


  1. There is stereotype that without big money it is impossible to become the glamourous girl. This delusion. Several rules are the cornerstone of glamourous chic. First, it is necessary to emphasize (but not to parade) the sexual appeal. Secondly, it is necessary to adhere to current fashion trends. Thirdly to love itself. Fourthly, to cultivate in itself art taste and ability to use bright colors. These rules can be followed without space expenses, the benefit, in the modern world there is set of the budgetary, but qualitative brands of clothes.
  2. To emphasize the appeal, to start it it is necessary to feel in himself. If your body not in everything suits you, be engaged in its reduction in form. It is for this purpose optional to go to gyms, at the beginning will be to get couple of dumbbells enough and to find videocourses with exercises. If you have excess weight, reconsider the diet. Add to it more vegetables, reduce portions a little, refuse farinaceous food and sweet.
  3. Having achieved the first results on reduction of the body in order, begin to change clothes. The glamourous clothes have to emphasize your advantages and hide shortcomings. Such clothes can never be slightly provocative, but - trite. Place emphasis on something one — bust or legs. Deep decollete with miniskirt — it has too gone. If your figure is still not ideal, avoid excessively fitting things. The streaming thin material will give your figure in more favorable light.
  4. Sneakers, backpacks, sweatshirts - to all this are not present the place in clothes of the glamourous person. Graceful skirts pencils, hairpins, clutches, the flying blouses and refined dresses will take the place of "practical" things. Glamourous girls watch fashionable trends, it is always aware of novelties, get the most relevant accessories and clothes, however try to adapt slightly them for themselves, for the type of appearance not to look ridiculous and ridiculous.
  5. Be engaged in the appearance. Your hair, skin, nails have to be in perfect tune. Cosmetics has to be picked well up to skin type, the make-up should not be excessive. Painted blondes in the bright pink fitting dresses — dark side of glamour. They should not imitate.
  6. Nevertheless glamourous persons are not afraid to use bright colors in clothes. It favourably allocates them from crowd. It is optional to walk in monophonic dresses of excessively bright color, it is better to pick up accessory which will become bright accent in your image.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team