How to become most beautiful in the flying

How to become most beautiful in the flying

summer heat there is no wish to do a lot of make-up, to create difficult laying and to wear stylish, but inconvenient clothes. However and you should not sacrifice beauty. Choose stylish dresses, pay attention to skin care and master the simple, but effective hairstyles suitable for the beach and office.

We choose hairstyle

Pick up hairstyle which does not demand large number of laying means and fuss with nippers and hair curlers. During heat the curls will hardly hold form. Give preference to various braids, plaits, tails. Instead of varnish and skin use indelible balm and gel with effect of wet hair. For bigger decorative effect add hairstyle with hairpins, elastic bands, rims and artificial flowers.

Skin care

Protection against the sun and skin moistening is of particular importance. Pick up soft moisturizing milk for body and cream with SPF not lower than 15. Such protection is enough for the city, on the beach it should be strengthened.

In the flying creams and gels with the cooling effect are especially good. Choose means with addition of plant extracts, menthol and caffeine - they not only will moisturize the skin, but also will tighten it, doing body more attractive. The easy low-fat means giving to skin delicate shine will be suitable for day care. Suntanned skin perfectly looks with golden powders or creams, light the easy nacreous-pink reflection will go. Instead of wearisome hours on the beach use autosuntan. The small portion of means can be added to the moisturizing cream - such duet will replace habitual liquid foundation. Autosuntan in spray will be suitable for body. Before to use it, carefully process leather srub. Suntan will lay down more exactly and will look naturally.

Summer make-up

During heat you will hardly want to put a lot of make-up on face. The complexion will help to hide minor defects and to level the moistening fluid from tinting effect. Choose the water-based easy means which is not interfering free breath of skin. It is possible to refuse powder. The matting napkins with tea extract will help to remove excess gloss - they do not grease make-up and do not cause irritations. Instead of habitual powdery shadows and blush use water-based easy cream means. They have resistant formula and beautiful translucent shades perfectly suitable for flying. Try on unusual bright tone - for example, coral blush, turquoise, pink or mint-green shadows. Leave eyeliner for especially solemn occasions. It is better to be limited to the waterproof extending ink in the afternoon - brown, blue, green or violet. Such ink is well combined with suntanned skin and bright summer dresses. For lips use the translucent moisturizing lipsticks of berry shades. They can be added with bright nail varnish. Surely make color pedicure - in open sandals the made-up nails look much more attractively. Do not do manicure and pedicure in one color. For hands and legs it is worth choosing different shades of one scale or fashionable contrast varnishes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team