How to become the beautiful teenager

How to become the beautiful teenager

of beauty among teenagers change quickly, to be entered into them happens very difficult. Meanwhile, beauty gives to the teenager of self-confidence, it helps with communication with peers. To become the beautiful teenager, it is necessary to work in several directions at once.


  1. Begin with simple, but at the same time very important things. For example, you monitor the breath and behind health of the teeth. You clean them twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. After meal use chewing gum or you brush teeth if there is opportunity. Eat mint candies, they will give to freshness to your breath. If there is need, do not hesitate to use briquettes, temporary inconveniences will pay off beautiful smile in the future.
  2. Carefully look after the hair. Try to use shampoo and the conditioner at least 2 – 3 times a week. Whenever possible you apply natural fats on the hair. Their use can seem unpleasant, but they are very useful to health of hair.
  3. You watch the nails, it is for this purpose absolutely optional to use services of specialized salons. All you need is – nail file, manicure nippers and scissors. If you want to have the color of nails close to natural, use beige, light pink or light brown varnishes. You watch that on the painted nails there were no varnish chips, in time correct them if they appear.
  4. Try to eat only healthy food, it will allow you to hold form and to keep health. You steer clear of greasy food, also try to reduce as much as possible consumption of sweet, eat fresh vegetables and fruit more.
  5. Increase physical activity and play sports, give it about 60 minutes a day. First of all, include in the plan of the occupations of cardiotraining (run, dances, swimming, etc.). Only 30 minutes in day of such trainings transfer organism to the mode of combustion of fat, it is especially important if you suffer from excess weight. Try to burn more calories, than you consume daily, do not miss at the same time meals. If you have no desire to be engaged in gym, as the strengthening exercises it is possible to choose yoga or Pilates.
  6. Pick up clothes which suit your figure. You do not wear too fitting clothes if you have excess weight. Also you should not wear too free clothes if you rather slender person. You watch that your clothes always were clean and ironed. If you find on it indelible spots or damages, safely get rid of it if it is only not jeans and you do not adhere to the corresponding fashion. Whenever possible try not to wear the same dress for several days in a row.
  7. Remember that your appearance cannot make you beautiful in itself, in the same way there is no sense to adjust own personality to new image, trying to be pleasant to people around. Be oneself and always keep self-confidence. It will make you really beautiful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team