How to become the blonde

How to become the blonde

There is a wish to be recoloured in the blonde sometimes practically to any woman. Modern cosmetics allow to make it in different ways, it is necessary to choose the option only.

Ways of obestsechivaniye

In the past, hydrogen peroxide was the only effective means for so radical change of hair color, now there is huge number of ways to change hair color, the main thing to decide what effect you want to achieve.

The traditional blondirovaniye is the technology of coloring decolouring all hair. Blondirovaniye is carried out by means of the special clarifying powders or the super-clarifying paint.

The clarifying powder brings pigments which are responsible for color of head of hear out of hair, doing hair absolutely white. After that apply paint which gives them more natural shade on the hair which have undergone processing. Blondirovaniye with use of the clarifying powders do in attempt to achieve cold and very much light shades. Essential lack of this way is the strong negative impact on health of hair. Alternative to use of the clarifying powder it is possible to call the special super-clarifying paint. It is necessary to hold it on hair not less than 45-55 minutes. In the first half an hour of influence this paint decolours hair, deprives of them pigments, and in the remained time saturates with new pigment. This method, unfortunately, can be used only on unpainted, natural hair. The super-clarifying paint can make hair several tones lighter. It is ideal for obtaining effect of the burned-out locks and beige shades. But here to achieve platinum and silvery shades with its help it will turn out only on hair light by nature.

Less radical options

It should be noted that the blondirovaniye in any equipment rather strongly harms head of hear, especially badly it affects the dry and injured hair. Besides, it is not recommended to do to dark brown-haired women and brunettes as already two-three weeks later the grown roots become very noticeable and look carelessly. If you have dark hair, use technology of highlighting to achieve effect of the burned-out locks. They well and very naturally look even on the grown head of hear, besides, do much less harm to hair. Instead of traditional highlighting it is possible to use the equipment of kolorirovaniye. In this case only separate locks are clarified, but at the same time several combined shades are used that looks much more interestingly. Kolorirovanny hair look healthy, volume and magnificent. Unfortunately, the kolorirovaniye demands more time, is carried out in several stages and is much more expensive, than usual highlighting or even coloring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team