How to become thin

How to become thin

aim to be beautiful and seductive. If to you prevent to feel made extra kilos, the balanced diet, fasting days, physical activities will help to get rid of them. Use of these points within several weeks will save you from unnecessary volumes.

Balanced diet, fasting days, hunger strike

In the course of weight loss the observance of rules of balanced diet plays major role. Analyze the diet and make some corrections to it. During the day eat 4 - 5 times. The serving size should not exceed 250 grams. Try not to mix incompatible products during one meal. For example, meat is not recommended to be eaten with grain, bread, pasta. Dairy products are not compatible to vegetables and fruit. For digestion of proteinaceous and carbohydrate food the different environment in stomach is necessary.

After meal try not to drink liquid. The total amount of the accepted liquid should not be less than 2.5 liters in day.

Fasting days are often used by women for fast disposal of couple of kilograms. During the day women need to eat certain type of products. Apple days, unloading on fruit, vegetables, kefir, etc. are widely known. It is desirable to spend fasting days time to one - two weeks. The organism gets rid per day of large amount of toxins and throws off from one kilogram of excess weight.

Not many decide to use hunger strike. It is connected with full restriction in food during one - three days. But if you want to become quickly more harmonious and to weigh several kilograms less, hunger strike - suitable way of weight loss. During hunger strike it is possible to drink only water, herbal teas. There are also longer starvations, but it is not recommended to carry out them without observation of the doctor. If you did not eat within 3 days, surely leave hunger strike carefully. Begin with vegetable broths, liquid rice porridge on water. Do such long starvations to time not thicket in two months.

Physical activity for weight loss

Weight reduction is promoted by aerobic loading. For example, you can register in fitness club in group occupations kallanetiky, shaping, aerobics, etc. As additional physical activity also trainings on kardio exercise machines will approach, concern them: exercise bike, stepper, ellipse, racetrack.

If you are not able to afford training in fitness club, be engaged daily in house conditions. You can choose for yourself training on the Internet, in specialized editions.

Dances promote not only decrease in excess weight, but also development of flexibility. Now many fitness the centers organize dancing occupations. For example, plastic strip, oriental dances, go-goa, etc. Therefore you will need only to choose the direction to liking. Such loadings as swimming, run, driving the bicycle will help to become thinner. Whenever possible add similar trainings to the weekly schedule.

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