How to become younger: 6 councils for care for skin

How to become younger: 6 councils for care for skin

The first that is evident when you look at the person - it is his skin. It is indicator of beauty, youth and health of her owner. Therefore women aim to keep as long as possible youth and beauty of the skin. Here 6 most important councils how for many years to be fine.


1. Stresses not only negatively affect health, they still affect appearance. Constant stresses often become the reason of emergence of early wrinkles near eyes and on forehead. Also depressions promote emergence and other problems with skin, for example, such as acne rash. Learn to cope with stress in the way available to you. It is possible to try meditation or the relaxing massage, for example.

2. Often at the end of the difficult day, having given in to laziness and fatigue, women go to bed, without having purified, properly, leather from dust, the bacteria which have accumulated on it during the day and cosmetics. Regular cleaning of face skin will revitalize skin and will throw off to you flying five at least.

3. The correct drinking mode promotes improvement of the general condition of organism. Besides, it will make your skin shining and fresh, it will become more elastic and will gain healthy color since liquid will save organism from harmful toxins.

4. Flour products and also sweets lead to developing of pimples. While the diet based on big consumption in food of multi-colored vegetables and fruit improves condition of skin, saturating with vitamins it from within.

5. Fans of chocolate suntan have to remember that the surplus of ultraviolet leads to skin presenilation, emergence of pigmental spots and even to skin cancer. Therefore try not to go outside without cream with sun-protection factor containing avobenzon, oxybenzone or oktokrilen.

6. The easiest and available way to look younger and freshen up is full-fledged dream. You sleep at least 8 hours a day. The deficiency of dream leads to dark circles under eyes and to earthy complexion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team