How to begin to be painted

How to begin to be painted

The make-up is necessary for each woman respecting herself. With its help it is possible to hide shortcomings and to emphasize advantages. But to begin to put it it is necessary accurately, gradually studying bases.


  1. You do not hurry to do make-up at early age. The main mistake of young girls is that they too early begin to apply cosmetics to improvement of the image. Effect, as a rule, opposite. Therefore do not try to do in fifteen years of yourself the adult lady with thick layer of cosmetics. Wait for the moment when meyk-ap really it is required - visit of restaurant (lip gloss and a little ink), problems with skin (foundation or powder) and other.
  2. Begin make-up with basis. First of all it is necessary to moisturize the skin - usual day cream for this purpose will approach (it should not be fat). Wait for its full absorption, and then start putting foundation (happens and so that it is not necessary - good skin does not need its drawing). For this purpose use sponge or the hands. In the first option you receive thicker layer, than in the second so make a start when choosing from type of skin and degree of problems with it.
  3. Start make-up of eyes. The main rule in it is not to use shadows without ink. And here ink without shadow - please. If there is no special case and the make-up is done on weekday, then there will be quite enough ink. Accurately paint over eyelashes, carrying out by brush from the basis to tips, moving hand here and there a little. After their roots are painted over (enough two carrying out), tint tips a little. You watch closely that the layer of ink was thin and imperceptible. As a result you have to receive natural eyelashes without black lumps.
  4. Tint lips. It is for this purpose better to use transparent or natural pink gloss. Lipstick intends for evening make-up and adults women.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team