How to begin to increase nails

How to begin to increase nails

Nail extension – difficult procedure. The master needs to be extremely attentive and scrupulous that the client's hands after building looked beautiful and accurate. At first sight it seems that it is simple and easy to increase nails. Actually this procedure includes many components which are important for knowing and observing to each expert.


1. First of all, study rules of respect for personal hygiene and hygiene of hands of the client. It will save from developing of infections after building. Do not hesitate to ask the visitor to wash up hands with soap before the procedure, and then surely wipe them with cotton tampon, moistened in alcohol. Besides, on desktop there has to be clean napkin to wipe hands, and special brush - to shake dust after trimming of nails. On the end of implementation of the procedure surely wash out brushes and tools, disinfect them by means of special lamps or alcohol.

2. Carefully study rules of labor protection and safety in workplace, especially, if you gather to increase nails to strangers. The room constantly is aired, it has to is good to be lit, all chemical liquids have to be closed densely. Remember that safety of the client is the most important.

3. Study the building and physiology of nails, it will allow to be guided better during building, you will be able to distinguish possible diseases of hands or nails at once and it is polite to refuse to the client not to infect the others. Also it will allow to choose the correct shape of the increased nail, and during the procedure not to touch important parts of nail plate.

4. Get acquainted with materials which are used in the course of nail extension. All of them have different structure, different time of fastening with nail and perform the certain functions. Study what material the safest and convenient in use, better and resistant to external influences. At the first stage it is important to seize technology of building, both by means of gel, and by means of acrylic. tips and service jacket building the features which each master needs to know also have use.

5. Look on the Internet of video of various ways of nail extension. As a rule, the accurate operations procedure, use of special means and the equipment is shown there, answers to various questions are given. Rewrite technology of building on separate leaf, learn it or hang up leaf as the hint over desktop.

6. But it is the best of all to sign up for special courses on nail extension. There you and obligatory instructing will pass, and technicians study. And the instructor will explain your possible mistakes during building, will teach different technologies of design of nails, drawings drawings and jewelry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team