How to begin to look after itself

How to begin to look after itself

nature has endowed some women with bright appearance, others on the contrary. But, regardless of appearance, the woman has to be well-groomed. To find a little time for pleasant procedures not so difficult, the appearance will be pleasing after that to the eye not only yours, but also surrounding people.


  1. Buy cream, means for washing, tonic, srub and various face packs. Wash twice a day then you apply face cream. It is necessary to use two times srub and mask in week. Buy means depending on type of your skin. In week you will notice result visible with the naked eye.
  2. Hair require care too. It is necessary to wash them in process of pollution with use of conditioner after washing. Do masks, they considerably improve structure of hair and do them brilliant. If you have untidy hairstyle – go to salon where to you it will be corrected or cardinally changed.
  3. It is necessary to process body srub at least once a week then to apply nutritious cream or body oil. If you have skin spots, then use antibacterial srub two times a week.
  4. Depilate in the area of bikini, armpits and standing. It can be done by means of the machine, hair removal cream or wax strips. It is possible to visit the cosmetologist who by means of modern methods will depilate unnecessary.
  5. Put nails in order. Make manicure and pedicure. Manicure can be made houses or in salon. It is necessary to do it once a week. You watch varnish on nails, it has to be made ideally up. If varnish has begun to climb up, then erase old covering and put new.
  6. In the afternoon use light tone in make-up, at night more saturated. Finish the image aroma of favourite spirits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team