How to begin to starve

How to begin to starve

starvation is opportunity to clean the organism from slags, to bring it into tone and to feel inexpressible ease of life. However those who consider that to starve, it is rather simple to eat nothing are mistaken. Thorough psychological and physical training is necessary. Not to do here and without consultation at the doctor. Only in this case starvation will become step on the way to healing.


  1. The most important – it will be solved on the beginning of starvation. Most often we decide on such extreme actions from hopelessness. People, whose organism experiences serious condition of disease who have nothing to lose have enough determination to interrupt vicious circle and to follow way of recovery. Much less often people consciously clean the organism for self-development and improvement of the spiritual vision.
  2. The second, but not less important condition to start starvation is studying the accumulated experience of starvation. There are recognized adherents of this method who have shared with us the secrets. Among them there are P. Bragg, G. Shelton, G.A. Voytovich and so on. If in your city there are medical centers practicing stationary starvation, then address for consultation there. Perhaps, you will manage to conduct starvation course in medical institution under the sensitive management and supervision of experienced doctors.
  3. And the third step is actually starvation. Master this method gradually. It is necessary to begin with one-day starvations. They are preceded by stage of cleaning procedures. In 2-3 days prior to the planned refusal of food pass at first to grain, and then to fruit and vegetables. Here the motivation is very important. Every evening adjust yourself on small feat for the health. As without food you will release a lot of time, in advance think, than you will be engaged. It is better to spend this day on air. In the evening before day of starvation and morning of this day make cleaning enemas. Drink a lot of water, study breathing exercises for clarification of organism, but the most important – be not overstrained. It is necessary to finish starvation in the evening, having taken shower and having had supper boiled or baked tomatoes without thin skin.
  4. Remember that you should not take occasion by the forelock at once: it is not difficult to begin starvation, and here from it to leave correct is the whole art. You learn to listen to organism. Then duration of starvation can be increased, combining it with healthy nutrition and active healthy lifestyle. And the most important – do not stop halfway. Starvation is not way of life, not religion, it is only step on the way of self-knowledge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team