How to begin to sunbathe in sunbed

How to begin to sunbathe in sunbed

The noble pallor, popular in the Middle Ages, remained in the past, in fashion bronze shade of skin. Those who has no opportunity to enjoy sunshine at all seasons of the year need to be content with sunbed in which suntan has the features.

It is required to you

  • - protective slips;
  • - the moisturizing cream.


1. Before beginning to sunbathe in sunbed, define the type of skin. It is conditionally possible to allocate light, normal and swarty. Each type of skin in own way reacts to ultraviolet what duration of procedures depends on. In normal salon this information can be obtained not only at the administrator, but also to get acquainted with it in printing.

2. Do not use usual suntan preparations in sunbed. Here special cosmetics is required.

3. Do not take just before sunbed shower with soap use, it washes away the natural fat film protecting skin and does it more vulnerable. Also do not apply the toilet water and spirits which are their part essential oils under the influence of ultraviolet can leave dark stains on skin.

4. How there was a wish to receive equal suntan in sunbed, surely protect eyes and auras of nipples. In good salon, special stickers and points are for this purpose offered.

5. The first visit of sunbed has to be short, lasting from 4 up to 6 minutes, it depends on skin type. Than it is lighter, the contact with ultraviolet has to be that less. The procedure should not cause discomfort therefore if the skin too sensitively reacts to suntan in sunbed, it is worth refusing it.

6. Do not exceed time of procedures in attempt to receive dark skin color for several sessions. The similar way will lead only to appearance of burns. On average on obtaining suntan from 6 to 10 procedures leave.

7. Visit sunbed not more often than every other day. In order that in organism melanin thanks to which skin gets golden shade was produced, time is necessary. To sunbathe most optimum every other day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team