How to behave in sunbed

How to behave in sunbed

skin looks very beautifully and attractively therefore many women visit sunbed at all seasons of the year. That the effect of this procedure was positive, it is necessary to follow some rules.


  1. It is necessary to be convinced that suntan in sunbed is not contraindicated to you completely. For this purpose it is necessary to address for consultation the expert. Solar bathtubs can be contraindicated at intake of some medicines. These are tranquilizers, antidepressants, soothing nonsteroid medicines and antibiotics. It is necessary to be careful with suntan if on your body there is large number of birthmarks.
  2. Not to do much harm to themselves in sunbed and to receive good suntan, it is necessary to choose good salon in which experts will take an interest about availability of contraindications and will always make valuable recommendations about use of special cosmetics, will make the schedule of duration of the procedure taking into account skin type. Take an interest how often change lamps in sunbed. Have to give you full information and provide the relevant documents (acts of work on replacement of lamps). Ideally lamps have to change in each 200-500 business hours.
  3. A day before visit of sunbed purify leather from the keratosic scales by means of srub. Thanks to it suntan will turn out uniform and will lay down better. Do not do deep peeling and face peel before reception of solar bathtubs at all. The first visit of sunbed should not last more than 3-5 minutes, skin has to get used gradually to ultra-violet radiation. For obtaining desirable result of one visit of salon will be insufficiently, it is necessary to make 6-8 such procedures. Time of stay in cabin has to increase gradually, but not exceed as a result of 10 minutes.
  4. Do not use before campaign in sunbed spirits and decorative cosmetics. Creams may contain the protective elements resisting to ultraviolet rays. Take off all jewelry before suntan. Apply on body the special moisturizing cream for suntan in sunbed, it can be got directly in salon or cosmetic shop.
  5. Before calling cabin of sunbed put on hat which is intended for protection of hair against radiation. It is also very important to women to protect breast as skin on it quite thin, susceptible to various factors. Salons suggest to get special overlays for nipples – stikin. Do not forget also about eyes, always put on glasses which protect retina of eyes from ultraviolet. Contact lenses should be removed surely. Upon termination of the procedure apply to skin the special moisturizing cream after suntan in sunbed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team