How to bleach body

How to bleach body

Not everyone dreams of suntanned and swarty skin, some people well very much want to be snow-white. To slightly bleach skin it will turn out, but pigmentation is developed daily therefore only regular use of means will help to solve your problem. People with swarty skin should not hope for strong change in color, and at most for easy bleaching.


1. Begin with drawing sun-protection means, especially before exit to the street. Of course, it will not protect you completely from suntan, but nevertheless from negative impact of sunshine will help.

2. Sea salt bleaches also a little. Take baths, and after otmokaniye of body use the bleaching srub. If you do not have it, add juice of lemon, parsley or usual citric acid to means which at you is had near at hand. Use of the same juice in combination with shower gel will be also not superfluous. You carry out procedures daily, but you remember that skin can dry up.

3. Buy the line of the bleaching care products for body of any trademark. It is the safest way to achieve desirable result. Skin will gradually brighten, but drying will not follow as in creams, srubs and masks contain not only bleaching, but also nutritious components.

4. Two times a week do srub mask of oat flakes. Crush 100 g of porridge and add juice of the whole lemon. Then add a little shower gel or liquid soap, also cream will approach. Carefully stir. You apply means on body, mass and wash away warm water.

5. If you have no opportunity to acquire set of the bleaching means, buy at least essential oil of lemon. Add it to body cream and use daily. Means is recommended to be stored in the fridge.

6. Clay helps. You dissolve it in bowl before receiving with density of consistence and you apply on body for 15-20 minutes. It is necessary to use clay regularly, about 2-3 times a week.

7. For fast effect you can use parsley juice. Apply it for the night on all body, and since morning take shower. You carry out the procedure not more often than once a week, otherwise skin will begin to dry and be shelled. Do not forget to smear body with milk or nutritious cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team