How to bleach face

How to bleach face

The light uniform tone of skin looks very nobly and aristocratically. But not each woman can brag of ideal whiteness of the person: freckles, wrong pigmentation. Not all and can not always be disguised by means of cosmetics. Women try to bleach face in various ways for a long time. When choosing any given method follow the general recommendations about selection of the bleaching means and procedures.


  1. Saloon procedures under control of the cosmetologist – ideal option for those who want to receive the guaranteed result in the safe way. Learn what procedure best of all will suit your type of skin, explain to the expert what results you expect – so it will be easier for it to develop for you the individual program (biorevitalization, mesotherapy, srubs, masks, cream). In pursuit of result do not forget about common sense. If the cosmetologist does not recommend you use of strong means or techniques, do not insist.
  2. Pick up means for bleaching of skin in house conditions. They differ from professional medicines in rather sparing structure. Such means can be applied by rates, for example, of serum or weekly (the bleaching masks). The face cream intended for daily application can have slightly clarifying effect too.
  3. Choosing in shop means for bleaching of face skin, study structure and be convinced that you have no allergic reactions to one component. In structures of the bleaching means hydrochinone (rather strong, but toxic ingredient), hydrogen peroxide, kojic acid, extracts from plants often meet. It is frequent to contain in massage face oils essential oils of parsley and lemon.
  4. There is set of the national recipes which have proved for a long time as quite good results. Skin lightening happens due to effect of the natural acids which are contained in products. Parsley juice, lemon juice, cucumber juice and also the lactic acids which are contained in sour milk, cream, kefir – all this helps to give to the face desirable whiteness. You do not hurry to try on yourself everything at once.
  5. Studying national recipes for skin bleaching, choose procedures and masks which correspond to your type of skin. For example, spirit tinctures of parsley are not recommended to dry type of skin. Remember that all procedures are carried out rather regularly therefore continuous impact on skin of alcohol though will give the bleaching effect, will cause other problems with skin.
  6. Follow the recommendations stated in recipes or on cosmetic packing. If it is specified that between procedures it is necessary to make interval, stop. Skin can negatively react to too active influence. Frequent use of certain active components can cause irritation, skin peeling, allergic reactions or even serious diseases of skin.

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