How to bleach scar

How to bleach scar

Scars are almost always allocated at the expense of the eminence over the surface of skin and the changed color – they can be red, pinkish, with brownish shade. If on fresh scar the sun regularly gets, then it will become noticeable and rough.

It is required to you

  • - lemon juice;
  • - cucumber juice;
  • - cosmetic clay, nonsense;
  • - nutmeg, honey.


1. Wipe surface with the changed skin lemon juice – the clarifying substances which are contained in it bleach fabrics. Squeeze out a little lemon juice on cotton pad and wipe scar, do not wash away juice. For each applique use fresh structure.

2. Cucumber juice has the clarifying properties therefore it is possible to use it as compress. Grate fresh cucumber, squeeze out juice, impregnate with it gauze napkin and apply on hem.

3. Use the medicines containing nonsense. It can be powder or gel, but it is necessary to use medicine only together with clay. Mix clay and fresh-water sponge in proportion 2:0.5, dilute with water to pastelike state, apply structure on scar and leave before drying. It is necessary to repeat such compresses every other day within week, alternating them to wipings of hem salicylic acid. Blue clay can be applied independently, dissolving it with water to the necessary consistence. This way is suitable for clarification of rough and old scars.

4. Apply resorptional cream and gels – "Kontratubex", Mederm and so forth. Prolonged use of medicines will clarify skin, but their action is effective only at fresh hems. You can apply medicines on special plaster and by that you will increase duration of influence of active agents.

5. Use skin bleaching cream – they have to contain hydrochinone, koyevy acid, fruit acids. Dark traces will begin to disappear not at once, daily processing of scars within several months will be required.

6. Do muscat compresses – mix ground nutmeg and honey (1:4), repeat the procedure every other day. Clarification of scar will require a lot of time – of half a year about one year. If structure too caustic, and skin sensitive, then is recommended to alternate muscat appliques and compresses to honey and milk (every other day).

7. Some saloon procedures, for example laser grinding of skin, help to smooth surface of scar and remove sharp pigmentation – after course of procedures the scar will become lighter, almost imperceptible. The procedure of superficial peeling with fruit acids does imperceptible difference between healthy skin and the changed scar fabrics, and the chemical peeling quickly bleaches hem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team