How to bleach skin lemon

How to bleach skin lemon

Thanks to the bleaching properties the lemon began to be applied widely in professional and house cosmetology. Essential oil and juice of this fragrant citrus add to various face packs, and they are calculated for any type of skin. And way of their preparation and application are so simple that does not demand certain knowledge or skills.

  • - juice, dried peel, essential oil of lemon;
  • - cream, vegetable oil, honey, carrots, egg;
  • - glycerin, 10% hydrogen peroxide, ethyl and camphoric alcohol.

1. Bleaching of skin is especially relevant with approach of spring and summer when in response to hyperactivity of the sun pigmental spots and freckles appear. There are also irreplaceable masks with addition of lemon. Except bleaching they narrow pores and vitaminize skin. And that they corresponded to its type, it is necessary to combine lemon with other components correctly.

2. As lemon juice, as well as essential oil, are strong products, do not use them in pure form. Dilute them with juice of other fruits or apply in combination with honey, egg, vegetable oils and other ingredients.

3. Mask for clarification to vesnusheksmeshayta of 3 tsps of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of boiled water and 1 tsp of glycerin. Apply to clean skin, and in 15 minutes unmask the cotton pad moistened in slightly warm water.

4. The bleaching masks from lemon for dry to kozhismeshayta equal amount of cream and lemon juice. Add 10 drops of 10% of peroxide of hydrogen. Apply on problem places and only then on all surface of skin. For strengthening of action of mask cover it with oilcloth, and in 20-30 minutes remove wet cotton pad. Small polished dried peel and juice ½ of lemon fill in 50 ml of alcohol. In 1-2 hours filter them through gauze and add 1 tsp of glycerin, 100 cream and 1 yolk. Apply with fat layer at first on pigmental spots, and then on all surface of skin.

5. The bleaching masks for any type to kozhismeshayta lemon juice ½ from 2 tablespoons of honey. Apply at first on the pigmented places or freckles, and then on all surface. After washing off apply cream. Rub half of average carrots, add chicken yolk, 1-2 drops of any vegetable and essential oil of lemon to pulp. After hashing apply to skin for 20-30 minutes. After washing off the use of cream is optional.

6. For fat kozhivzbity protein mix the bleaching lemon masks with 1 tsp of lemon juice. Apply to skin and leave before full drying. Beat egg white, add to it 10 drops of camphoric alcohol and as much lemon juice. After hashing blot Q-tip in mix and apply with fat layer at first on the pigmented sites skin, and after drying on all surface. Leave for 20 minutes.

7. For washing use the water acidified by lemon, and the pigmented places in addition impregnate it with the juice half diluted with water. Rinse face in the morning and apply cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team